Appointments are NOT necessary. Scheduling your service will get your name and contact information into our system, as well as the issues you are having.  This MAY decrease your wait time, but you still still be required to stick around for 4-5 minutes while we look over your bicycle.
We off a full service center capable of everything you need to keep your bike in optimal condition...from routine tuneups to full blow overhauls.  Our technicians are actively involved in cycling and stay up to date on the latest technology to give you piece of mind that your components will preform when it matters most.

At Trek, we love to ride, and we know you do too!  Our typical turn around time for tune ups is less than 3 days all season long, and many services are even done while you wait.  Each bike is given a 15 point check over when you arrive to properly diagnose needed repairs and adjustments before our technicians give you an upfront price.


Basic Adjustments - $50

  • Brake Adjustments
  • Shifting Adjustments
  • Safety Inspection

Preventative Maintenance - $100

  • Brake Adjustments
  • Shifting Adjustments
  • Safety Inspection
  • Wheel Truing

Peak Performance - $150

  • Basic Adjustments
  • Shifting Adjustments
  • Safety Inspection
  • Wheel Truing
  • Drivetrain cleaning
Are you a veteran or active milatry? Thank you for your service and be sure to check out our Service for Service Guarantee.

Labor Rates

Tune Up Packages Brake Install and Repair
Basic Adjustments $50.00 Brake pad adjustment $12.00
Preventative Maintanance $100.00 Pad replacement and adjust $15.00
Peak Performance $150.00 Bleed hydraulic brake $25.00
Accessory Installation Replace brake cable and adjust $20.00
Computer without cadence $10.00 Install new brake and adjust $25.00
Computer with cadence $15.00 Install & bleed new hydraulic brake $40.00
Replace battery and reprogram computer $6.00 Derailleur
Light set $5.00 Derailleur adjustment $12.00
Saddle $5.00 Install new derailleur $20.00
Rack (front or rear) $20.00 Replace derailleur cable and adjust $20.00
Fenders (front or rear - each) $20.00 Shifter Installation
Kickstand $5.00 Install STI shifter, adj, retape bars $30.00
Assembly Install twist/trigger shifter and adjust $20.00
Reassemble previously built bike $25.00 Tire & Tube
New single speed bike $50.00 Install tube or tire on bike (includes tube) $25.00
New geared bike $75.00 Install tube or tire off bike (includes tube) $20.00
Kit bike $175.00 Mount tubeless tire $25.00
Bottom Bracket and Crank Headset
Install or remove crank arms $10.00 Adjust headset $10.00
Swap crankset $15.00 Complete headset install  $45.00
Install or remove cartridge BB $15.00 Chain
Swap bottom bracket $20.00 Install & Size Chain $10.00
Wheels Drivetrain clean, inspect, & lube drivetrain $50.00
Hub cone adjustments $15.00 Handlebar, Tape/Grip Install
Wheel True $20.00 Tape road bars $10.00
Spoke replacement and true $30.00 Install grips on flat bar $5.00
Size and cut a new spoke $5.00 Install handlebars (taping not included) $20.00
Cassette Install Stem $5.00
Install/Remove cassette or freewheel $5.00 Install bar ends & cut grips $10.00
Prices are subject to change
Not all labor charges are listed