The Reason Behind Our Hours

Here at the Trek Bicycle Store of Schererville, we are here to serve our customers.  Each customer is another member of our Trek family and we want nothing more than to be here when you need us.  Because of this, we extend our hours in the Spring and Summer months.  We open an hour earlier throughout the week and we stay open later on Saturdays, giving you every opportunity to come visit us here at the store to get your bike fixed, buy a new one, or simply come and ask questions of our incredible staff.

We also care deeply for our staff and want to fuel their passion for cycling and for life.  Because of this, we remain closed on Sundays throughout the year. This gives our employees the chance to get out and spend time with their families, churches, and friends; get in a few miles on bikes; catch a cycling race or two; and have time for worship.  This break is a huge part of keeping our staff sharp, on their toes, and ready to serve you any of the hours we are open! 

You can learn more about our store, our staff, and our values here. If you have any questions at all, please be sure to let us know by either calling, stopping by, or emailing us at

We hope to see you all out on the trail!