Trek Store Indoor Spin Classes

Class purpose:  
We ride bicycles because we want to stay fit and we like the outdoors...and if you are like us, the thought of having to ride inside during less than desirable weatheris rather depressing. But fear not, indoor training with OTHER riders is the solution! It can even make indoor riding fun (no seriously, it can we promise).

Having a plan and setting goals can make the winter/spring a very productive time for you. Whether you want to lose weight (or at the very least not gain weight), raise your threshold, or prepare for your first triathlon, we can help you meet your goals. When that first warm and sunny day arrives, you will be fit and flying.

We will offer weekly sessions designed to get you out of your gloomy (and creepy) basements right in our store. It is an indoor spinning class, and we promise you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 45 minutes!

Indoor spin classes allow you to stay on your bike all year...frostbite free...and actually increase your power and performance once you hit the pavement!  Our classes are easily tailorable to your individual skill level so all types of cyclist are welcome and will have a great time.

Group classes will start October 3 and will occur:

Mondays 6:00PM-6:45PM


Bicycle, indoor trainer with riser block PLEASE NO WIND TRIAINERS (they are just to darn noisy and we need to be able to hear each other). If you don't know what kind of trainer you have, bring it by and we'll clear it for duty or offer a replacement that is quiet enough for our class.  WE ALSO RENT TRAINERS for $10 per class if needed.  

Trainer Rental:
Don't have an indoor trainer?  No problem!  We have rental trainers available for $10/class.  They are avaliable on a first come first serve basis, so it's always a good idea to reserve one ahead of time...simply call (219-322-2453), email (, or stop in anytime.

Dates and times:
Classes are on Monday's from 6:00pm - 6:45pm 
Starting in October and running till the end of April

 (trainer rental is available at $10/class if needed)

What's included:

Weekly group classes with instructor

All classes are taught by our very own Paul Forsythe.