About Us - History


 We started off in 1984 as Schererville Schwinn Cyclery.  As the world of cycling changed and brands came and went, we continued to serve cyclists in the Northwest Indiana area.  The store began in Schererville, IN and then expanded to locations in Merrillville and Calumet City under "The Bike Pros."  Then, in 2005, we were offered the unique opportunity to become a "Trek Concept Store."  This offer would give us opportunities to give better customer service, better mechanical knowledge, and access to the best bicycle brand on the planet.  We accepted this honor and relocated our three locations into our current home at 651 E US 30, Schererville, IN.  This priviledge made us the first "Trek Concept Store" in Chicago-land and the 19th shop of it's kind in the US.  Now (as of 2015) there are 109 Trek Concept Stores in the US offering the best the cycling industry can offer.

Often times, because of our size and name, we get confused with a corporate store, or a franchise and neither is true.  Gene started Schererville Schwinn Cyclery as a small, independent, locally-owned store and it continues to be so under Dave.  After working in Schererville Schwinn and managing The Bike Pros for several years, Dave took the ownership reigns from Gene and opened up the current store (Trek Store of Schererville). Which, while we continue to refresh the look and feel of the store, we still have the same core values, dedication to the community, and our customers as we have from the beginning.

As with any small business, it's been a long road for the Trek Store and for the families who have been a part of it. But we are deeply rooted in Northwest Indiana and it has been the loyalty and dedication of our communtiy that has allowed us to remain.  We thank all of our current and past customers for your support.  And pray our future customers continue to roll in the door!

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