We Believe in Values.

We are committed to being the bicycle shop for Northwest Indiana. Our promise is to deliver legendary customer service to every rider, every cyclist, every customer… every day. If you're not satisfied, neither are we. Our success is solely based on building trust with the customers, families and communities we serve.

Since 1984 Trek Bicycle Store's Core Values have been:

  1. Affirm each others strengths and protect his/her weakness - both customer and staff
  2. Treat others the way you desire to be treated
  3. Seek first to understand others, before trying to be understood
  4. Choose relationships over profits
  5. Think outside the box to develop new ways to serve our community
  6. Plan ahead to ensure we can continue to be here for future generations
  7. Welcome everyone, regardless of skill, knowledge, finances, or abililty into our family

We are passionate about helping customers become riders, communites to become safer, and the world become a better place for us all.  We serve and are committed to making that difference, with every customer!

We encourage you, if you have felt that we have fallen short on any of these values to reach out to us, by contacting our General Manager directly at  We will make it right, because without our values, we're just a building.

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